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Tell us about your rash or worrying spot via our easy online consultation form
Receive a Diagnosis
We provide a full accurate diagnosis and plan within 3 working days.
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How it works
Complete Online Consultation
Firstly, complete the online skin consultation form so you can provide us will all the information we need.
Once you've completed the form, we will take you to a secure page to take payment. There is a one-off £75 fee
Get a Diagnosis! Simple
Receive a report from a highly qualified skin specialist within 3 working days with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Simple!
Specialist Advice
From your consultation you will be assessed by skin specialists who collectively have decades of experience in Dermatology. Unlike a regular doctor’s appointment we connect you with clinicians who specialise in skin conditions.
Sooner than your local GP
Your skin problem can be assessed much faster than getting a GP appointment or even seeing a Dermatologist. All from the comfort of your own home. Simply fill out the online dermatology consultation and wait for your answer.
Simple no hassle service
No sign up or recurring costs get advice from professional doctors who understand and who share resources to ensure you get the best treatment advice.
The numbers speak for themselves

Here at mySkinDoc we try our hardest to give you the best medical service possible. Here's some interesting stats about us:

>30 yrs
Dermatology Experience
Great service for less than the price of a private dermatologist
Over 800 mySkinDoc consultations so far

Why people love mySkinDoc

I was fed up of going to see my GP and being none the wiser about my rash. I decided to try mySkinDoc. i filled out the easy to use consultation form and I received a diagnosis of my rash and was also advised how to treat it. Thankfully it's clear!
George Smith
Bristol, UK
Your skin problem....we have the solution

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Frequently asked questions

Who we are?

mySkinDoc is a company that helps you diagnose your skin condition by using pictures and descriptions. Dermatologists are expensive, but mySkinDoc provides the same service for less money. MySkinDoc has been in slow development over the last 5 years. Founded by Dr Amit Goyal who specialises in Family medicine and Dermatology, he found it was difficult for his patients to see him but he could give them an accurate diagnosis if they gave him pictures and a description of their skin problem. MySkinDoc was initially an app made from 4 other apps all combined together. It worked but we needed something more professional. It is a low cost and more convenient waycompared to seeing a dermatologist privately.


Dr Amit Goyal

CEO and Founder of mySkinDoc

Qualifying as a doctor at the University of Bristol in 2004Dr Goyal has been specialising in  Dermatology since 2010. He has over a decade of extensive experience in diagnosing and managing skin conditions both privately and in the NHS. Dr Goyal has also helped develop University teaching programmes and teaches other doctors to improve there dermatology skills.

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Your skin problem....we have the solution

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